Isaiah 6

The scripture for last Sunday’s message took us to a place of awe and wonder. Like children gazing at the ocean for the first time so we gazed at the Holiness of God. The discovery’s we made will make lasting impression’s on our congregation. From Isaiah 6 we derived 6 characteristics of God. 1. God is alive- Death of Uzziah 2. God has authority- sitting on his throne 3. God is omnipotent- High and lifted up 4. God is revered- Seraphim 5. God is holy- Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts 6. God is glorious- the earth is full of his glory. This text shows us so much about who God is. Understanding the Holiness of God is essential to a Christians life. You will never die to self if you don’t understand the holiness of God. My prayer for Victory Baptist church is that we would not only understand the Holiness of God, but live according to that truth. Once Isaiah’s lips were touched with Hot Coals and his sins forgiven he was eager to go where ever the Lord asked. I pray that Victory Baptist will respond to Holiness of God the same way Isaiah did. With our hearts full of thankfulness and our feet ready to go where he calls.